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Cancellation Policy:

If you choose to cancel your rental you will forfeit a minimum of 30% and up to a 100% of your rental.

Bad Weather Policy:

 This does not apply to indoor events or rental items not affected by the weather. Our bad weather policy does not include temperatures that are too hot or too cold. If management at Performance Party Rents makes the decision to cancel your rental you will hear from us as early as the day before your scheduled pick up/ delivery and as late as the morning of. We use several formulas in making our weather related decisions. From high winds, the types of showers expected to soggy grounds. If our equipment leaves our warehouse and you experience bad weather during your event, no refunds/discounts will be given due to bad weather.

If you choose to reschedule with a 50% chance of rain or less you will be charged a 20% rescheduling fee, in addition to your rental fees. 51% and above you can reschedule for a new date with no additional rescheduling fee, just your original fee. The reschedule date must be given to Performance Party within 90 days of your original rental date. The new rental date must be within 12 months of the original rental date.

 If you choose to cancel your rental you will forfeit a minimum of 30% and up to a 100% of your rental. 

If you request to cancel or reschedule your event a cancellation or rescheduling form must be signed in order to change/cancel your current contract.

No Show Fee: if you are a NO SHOW on your schedule pick up day, you will be charged 100% of your rental fees no option of rescheduling.

Many factors are computed in making decisions about cancelling a party and we have years of experience with outdoor event planning. No one likes a bad weather on their party day. We use several sources for weather information and we make sure to use their detailed hour by hour section.

Please note: all rescheduling is subject to availability. All items have to be reschedules for equivalent equipment.

Returns-Final Inspection

 We reserve the right to modify charges for broken, missing, damaged, or dirty items up to 72 hours after items have been received prior to going through FINAL inspection.


30% of your rental is required to be paid on a credit/debit card at the time of booking your items. Payments cannot be taken over the phone. A contract and credit card form can be faxed or emailed to you. A matching TXDL or TXID is required for all payments made. Checks are not accepted within 14 days of your event date. Your balance is to be paid in full 24hours before you delivery date. If you are picking up from our location, you can pay your balance at pick up. No one under the age 18 can sign the rental contract.



Late Fees

Ourweekend rentals are to be returned on Monday between 8am-11:30am. Our office closes at noon every Monday.

A late fee of 30% of your total order will be applied if you do not return between 7:45am-8am on Tuesday.

A late fee of 50% of your total order will be applied if you do not return between 8am-12pm on Tuesday.

A late fee of 100% of your total order will be applied if you do not return between 12pm-4:30pm on Tuesday.

If you have a weekday rental same rate applies for you, the day after your scheduled return date.

Pick up

When picking up your rental items, anyone can pick up for you as long they are 18 years of age or older and a valid TXDL or TXID is presented for the person signing the Rental Agreement stating they are leaving with the equipment.

You are also responsible for checking that your order is correct. If things are left off or not given, please let the front desk or warehouse personnel know before leaving Performance Party Rents

Moonwalks are to be picked up in a truck or trailer. Frozen drink machines are to be picked up in a truck or SUV.

  During checkout you will be provided with an on call manager’s card. If you are having issues with our equipment or operating our equipment, you can call the cell phone number listed on the card. The manager can walk you through troubleshooting or, if needed, bring you out a replacement(s). If onsite, the manager determines it is a user error, there will be a minimum fee of $125 added to your contract. We are better able to resolve any complications at the time discovery, not on Monday morning.

Delivery/Set-Up & Breakdown/Pickup

Typical delivery/pickup hours are Monday and Saturday 8:30am-11:30am, Tuesday through Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm, and Friday 8:30am through 3:30pm. Additional delivery charges will apply for orders requiring delivery/pickup before or after our typical business hours noted above

If you require delivery outside of our normal business hours an additional after hour’s fee will apply.

 We cannot guarantee a specific delivery/pickup time. To find out when your order is scheduled for delivery/pick-up, please call the day before the delivery/pick-up date indicated on your contract.

For a weekend event, we may deliver as early as Wednesday. If you are scheduled for a Friday or Saturday delivery, we may call you at the beginning of the week and move the delivery day up a day or two according to our workload and weather conditions with no additional charge to you.

Pickups that are scheduled for Monday may be pushed back to a later day due to inclement weather or other scheduling purposes. Your flexibility is greatly appreciated by our staff. Keep in mind that the safety of all equipment is the customer’s responsibility from the time of delivery to the time of pickup.

If items must be transported to specific area other than what is stated on the contract (i.e. inside building, upstairs, elevators, etc.) customer may be subject to additional fees.

Set up and break down service are available for additional fees depending on items.

If Performance is delivering and picking up the equipment only, it is your responsibility to break it down, stack, palletize and re-strap it as it was delivered  and return it to the place where your received it.

All items being picked up must be in the same location where we delivered prior to scheduled pick up time.

We will not set-up any items, tents included, unless we have received a drawing/diagram of requested placement a minimum of five (5) days prior to event. Changes made at location regarding placement of items will be subject to an hourly fee of $50.00 per hour, per person, with a $50.00 minimum fee.

If Performance Party is setting up your event, only Performance Party Staff members are permitted on location due to insurance regulations.

Performance Party will not setup in common outdoors areas of Apartment Complexes and/or Travel Trailer Parks


When picking-up linens, you are responsible for verifying that you are receiving the appropriate number, color and size etc. All linens must be returned in the supplied laundry bags, free from any burns, wax, tears, pins, tacks, abrasions, etc.

The customer is responsible for the replacement cost of any missing or damaged items. Shake out any loose debris from linen (food, petals, decorations, etc.). Failure to remove all loose debris will result in a fee of $2.00 per linen. All skirts come on a special skirt hanger; these skirt hangers must be returned or a fee per hanger will be incurred. Skirts also come with clips; you will be charged a fee per each missing clip.

We reserve the right to make final inspection of linens when we perform our cleaning/pressing procedure. Typically, this process will be done within 72 hours; after which you will be notified of missing or damaged items.

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